Sonntag, 23. Februar 2014

Tutorial: How to create a backup image from your RaspBerry Pis Sdcard or USB drive

Well... dunno how but I'm pretty sure my PC got infected by something nasty. An AV tool is running but Windows says it's not. As the windows defender wants to run - so he did - but told me afterwards he didn't run at all. PC slowdowns, strange HDD activities, internet slow... guess I'm used as bot or something right now.

Anyway. No time or interest for further analyses. A good chance to reseup my PC and test Windows 8.1. This does also mean that I have to re-setup my RaspBeery Pi (Since I need the USB Stick which my RaspBMC is running on)

So I thougt I'd put up a little tutorial on  how to backup a RaspBeery Pi sdcard / USB Stick to an image an the HDD. This should work for and SdCard / USB device containing any kinda RaspBian, RaspBMC, etc... destribution.

Dienstag, 18. Februar 2014

How I got My RaspBerry Pi and what I did to it till now

For a long time I have been in love with the idea to buy a RaspBerry Pi. Primary I wanted it for a project from the past. I was planning to set up (with a very small P133 256MB or something) an Asterisk Internet Network to phone for free with my friends and manage my homecalls. For example: If someone calls without having CLIR activated, then he would be summoned by a female robotic voice (S.H.O.D.A.N HrHr) to enter his phone number per phone keyboard or he would be disconnected. And much more funny things to do...

The RaspBerry seemed the much better choice then for many reasons. I'v been to poor to get the laughable 35$ together. So a friend of mine who did know of my obsession bought me one for christmas. That's what happened (Like a brief roadmap what I've done so far and what's to expect from this blog):

Freitag, 14. Februar 2014

A new housing for my RaspBerry Pi

I got bored and so my RaspBerry had finally moved from its Gauloises ciggy box into an official housing. Why? Someone heard realizied how much I love my RaPi while I was enthusiastic talking about it while presenting some features. So she gave me the RaspBerry Pi housing me as a christmas present! I therefore rooted her Acer Iconia A501 and filled it with Thors JB MR2 v6t8 ROM and made her THIS custom bootanimatoin in return. I actually did love my artful ciggy box too but Happy Christmas THIS ONE is very solid and well wrought too and fetches less dust! Disadvantage: Bad air circulation. Anyway: Thanks and here we go...

RaspBerry Pi Mods and Housing

Oright.... we all know RaspBerrys are cheap, tiny and pretty cool. But some people still don't know how cool they really are. So I surfed a bit and found some nice mods and housings. Inspired me on my own projects.

Here is my personal Top Notch Over Mods Top #3 and some other cool mods / housings:
(I know I ended up greeding for cool compact handhelds and pocket consoles - even though there are cooler mods out there -  bu we'll come back on them some other day! *swear*)